Electrical Scalp Stimulator for Hair Regrowth

Electrical scalp stimulator for hair regrowth

Electrical scalp stimulator for hair regrowth

Electrical Scalp Stimulator for Hair Follicle Regrowth

This technology uses electrical energy and laser light combined to effectively stimulate hair follicles to new growth.

Models available & Prices:
NESS technology has been designed in a stand-up vertical mode which stands behind any chair or in a wall-mounted model with a flexible arm.  Retail Price is $16,000 US.  Call us to find out if we have a used or demo model in stock at a lower price.

Portable Model:
We are currently developing  a hand-held model for home cosmetic use using the same “Capacitively Induced Pulsed Electro-Static Fields” as the clinic model but with lower power. This unit is available for research into deep tissue stimulation and cellular reactivation especially for Spinal Cord, nerve trunks, teeth, Retina, Pituitary and Pineal.  Price will likely be around $5000.

Biophysica’s NESS technology could be powered from 110 or 230 volts AC  or if desired, from a 24 volt wall adapter or automobile 12 volt battery.

More Information:

Summary: How it works
Client Experience

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Biophysica Inc. is a research company dedicated to innovative technologies in cellular rejuvenation and has a patent accepted and another in process for electro-magnetic stimulation technologies with the hope of improving metabolism and functioning of  skin cells, hair follicles, Pineal gland, Pituitary gland, Hippocampus, Amygdala, Caudate Nucleus, Corpus Callosum and Brain Dendrites. For Trans Cerebral Electric Stimulation (TCES) see the book “Brain Longevity” by Dr D. S. Khalsa, page 23).  We invite interest from manufacturers to invest in our patent.

Summary: How it works

Electro-trichogenesis is also called Neuro-Electric Scalp Stimulation (NESS) or ETG. It is any technology for electrically stimulating skin cells and hair follicles. The name is derived from the ancient Greek language. NESS is a product of the new science of Biophotonics which is a synergistic convergence of Biology, Optics and Electronics. This combination embodies the already demonstrated benefits of each energy system.

This program is a result of the combination of the sciences of Biophysics and Electro-chemistry. Various physical and non-physical energies and signals are combined with electro-active herbal medicines (electro-lotions) so as to stimulate superficial and deep cells of the body.  Biophysica’s own, unique, patented prototype technology which we call Neuro-Electric Scalp Stimulation (NESS) uses light energy plus a unique version of TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation)  called Capacitively Induced Electro-Static Field Pulses (a form of micro-lightning).

Our unique technology provides a spread out form of Transcutaneous Electrical Neuro-Muscular Stimulation (T.E.N.S.) similar to the energy produced by EMS and TENS devices already used by Physiotherapy, Sports, Weight Loss and Cosmetic clinics. Additionally and simultaneously, ETG emits other energies and subtle signals including pulsed low energy photon therapy (LEPT). Thus deep nerves, muscles and blood capillaries are stimulated resulting in increased local blood flow, release of endorphins, and rhythmical contraction of the Arrector Pili muscles attached to the base of each hair follicle. Experts have proposed that hair follicle cells become dormant due to inactivity or blockage of the microscopic pores on the cell surface. When they are stimulated by energy pulses of the correct intensity, waveform and frequency they can be “kick-started’ into proper functioning once again.

Client Experience:
The experience of the client during treatment can be varied from a low level pleasant tingling to a powerful electronic massage over the total scalp area plus a tangible physical vibratory sensation due to rhythmical contraction of the Arrector Pili muscles attached to the base of each hair follicle. After the session, many clients notice a feeling of improved general well-being and elevated mood likely due to the Acupuncture Effect and Endorphin and Melatonin release. Some have noticed reduced incidence of viral illness likely due to Pineal gland and Immune System stimulation.

Based on experience and abundant Medical Research literature in reliable professional journals there is clear evidence that electro-magnetic energy of the correct characteristics has healing, regenerative and vascular (blood supply) benefits for a wide range of physical disorders. There is no doubt that electrical stimulation of the kind used in Physio-therapy and Sports clinics has a place in maintaining the tone of hair follicles and in slowing down the natural process of hair loss; just as exercise does for muscles and bones. Electro-therapy also has a place in the presurgical preparation and postsurgical facilitation of healing around transplantation.

This unique custom technology could be developed for health professionals, researchers and manufacturers.
Advancements on the Technology since 1990:

A research study carried out by W.S. Maddin et al using acupuncture technology demonstrated the possibility of a “positive biological effect on hair regrowth of a pulsed electrical field”. Ref 1, p 446
Dr Maddin used miniscule micro-ampere acupuncture level electric currents which “were not discernible and subjects experienced no sensation whatsoever” Ref 1, p 447
It was impressive that Dr Maddin reported “29 of the 30 treatment subjects (96.7%) exhibited regrowth or no further hair loss”. Ref 1, p 446
Previously Gunn and Lee using simple TENS technology had reported 84% of their group of subjects showed regrowth after 60 days. Ref 3

Dr Maddin asserted “It is not illogical to extend the electrical induced activity of fibroblasts and epithelial cells to the hair follicles” and “these follicle cell groups are capable of being regenerated”. Ref 1, p 450
It is reasonable to propose “that hair follicles are electrically sensitive and will respond to specific exogenous current levels and wave characteristics in a manner similar to that demonstrated in the healing of soft tissue wounds and fractures”. Ref 1, p 450

In reference 2 Dr Maddin states “the treatment group had a significant improvement in hair regrowth” which suggests the impressive benefits referred to in our statement.

Biophysica’s NESS (Neuro Electric Scalp Stimulation) program uses electrical, light and magnetic energy in addition to electrostatic pulsed current levels which include and surpass by 100 times the levels that Dr Maddin used and, unlike his device, can be strongly and palpably felt by the subjects. It seems reasonable, based on that evidence alone, to assume that similar or better results would be obtainable using NESS.

Research Studies:
Biophysica commissioned a pilot study of NESS carried out in 1996 with 400 subjects under the supervision of Dr Jean Noel Goupil MD of Montreal.  62 subjects (89%) affirm that they experienced an “observable slowing of hair loss” to at least a level of 1 out of 3 (30% improvement). This would imply no observable new hair loss and would lend support to the statement that there were impressive benefits on the hair growth process using our NESS version of Electro-trichogenesis (ETG) .

In order to facilitate government and electrical safety approvals, the device is powered from a 24 volt separate desk-top international power adapter similar to the power supply for a lap-top computer and will operate on any voltages. Since the adapter is low voltage and already is approved for safety, the ETG machine is a passive unit and has no line voltages entering it and will not need such approvals.  The only cables entering the unit is a low voltage, 24 volt 1 amp wire and another thin wire to connect to the thin rubber grounding/focussing pad which the client sits upon.  There is no electrical conductive connection to the client who nevertheless feels strong palpable sensations over the entire scalp due to Electrostatic Induction (a form of micro-lightning when people can feel the charge of a lightning stroke without actually being zapped by a spark).  The pulses of electrostatic and photon energy are continuously frequency  modulated by a computer module inside the unit so as to energize a wide range of hair follicle cells from the smallest to the largest.


Our electric and magnetic devices emit energies that are similar to established proven technologies and may be helpful in similar situations.  Our specific devices have not been scientifically proven to achieve equal results and are custom built for experimental and research electro-physiological uses only.
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